Quick Tip: Making Your Houseplants Shine

Have you noticed that the leaves on your houseplants get dingy looking?  I know mine do.  A quick and effective (and free!) way to get those leaves cleaned up and shining is just a little bit of olive oil. Plants get dirt and dust and water spots stuck to them just like anything else. The funny thing is that those water spots are especially tricky to remove… they certainly don’t come off with just plain water and a rag.  Olive oil to the rescue.

All you need to do is just take a paper towel and put a tiny dab (seriously, a teeny tiny bit goes a long way) of olive oil on it and basically just polish the leaves on your plant.  It will clean off all of the water spots and dirt.  Just a side note: there are some types of plants (like some varieties of succulents) that have extremely porous leaves and would probably soak in too much of the oil… so best to not try this on leaves that feel squishy and absorbent to the touch (maybe Google around to make sure that this is safe for your specific plant first).





Not only will this greatly improve the appearance of your plants, but your plants will love you for it.  Cleaning that layer of dust off of your plants helps them take in sunlight more effectively and efficiently and will help them thrive.


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