DIY Idea: A Pegboard for Your Closet

Sitting at about 1650 square feet, our house is really not very big.  Because of this, I’m always looking for fun and practical ways to create storage and organizational solutions.  Recently, I was looking at a big blank spot in my closet and I came up with the perfect idea to fill the space – a pegboard.

closet-post-march2014 (3)


Pegboards are usually used in garages or workshops and aren’t much to look at, but I knew that with a few coats of paint and some other minor tweaks, it could be functional and pleasing to the eye.

closet-post-march2014 (7)

You’ll need a sheet of pegboard, some trim to frame it out, paint, and pegs.  We actually got our sheet of pegboard for free.  We were on a walk in our neighborhood and it was sitting outside of a house with a “FREE” sign taped to it.  So naturally we booked it home, got the truck, loaded it up, and the rest is history.   But, if you don’t find yours on the side of the road, I’m pretty sure a sheet of pegboard will run you around $20 or so at home improvement stores.

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 closet-post-march2014 (12)

The process was super simple.  First, we cut the pegboard down to the size and shape that we wanted it.  Then I painted everything.  The pegboard is Grey Squirrel by Martha Stewart and the trim is Lamb by Martha Stewart.  I already had both of these colors on hand from other painting projects.

closet-post-march2014 (15)

After everything dried and the trim was cut to size, it was time to hang everything up.  We used spacers behind the pegboard to leave room for the pegs to fit in, so those went up first.  Then we just screwed the pegboard right onto the pieces of wood we used as spacers.


Last, we glued the trim pieces up using Liquid Nails.  **Tip: If you use Liquid nails be sure to prop heaving objects up against each piece while it is drying so that nothing slides out of place.  If you don’t have enough objects then just do one piece at a time.**

While the glue was drying, I took the pegs that we bought and spray painted them gold.  Just to glam them up a little.

closet-post-march2014 (1)

closet-post-march2014 (8)

Now I have a nice little spot in my closet to hang jewelry, scarves, bags, ties, belts, and anything else I want.  It’s a great place to put things that I want quick access to.  And it’s so nice to just have a spot for everything.

closet-post-march2014 (9)

closet-post-march2014 (10)

closet-post-march2014 (2)

The verdict: Pegboards are awesome.  Now I just need to bite the bullet and splurge on some wood hangers for my closet…


** Sorry for the wide variance in lighting in these photos… turns out closets are tough to shoot.

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  1. Great idea! My two daughters need this in their closets immediately. Thanks for the tutorial with step by step photos.

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