A Brass Planter with Some DIY Flair

Here is the latest little addition to my house:

2014-04-07_brass_planter (10)d

I got this long brass container at a thrift store for a couple bucks a few weeks ago.  It had a bunch of old faux leaves inside of it, but they were easily removable and I really liked the shape and size of it.  The brass was pretty scratched up in some spots, so I knew that I would need to spruce it up a bit to take the attention off of the imperfections.


I decided that it would be cute as a planter.  The only pitfall with that though is that I knew the brass would rust pretty quickly with all of that exposure to dampness.  In order to combat the rust (at least somewhat hopefully), I sprayed a couple of coats of Plasti Dip on the inside.  I just taped off the outside using some painters tape and plastic wrap so that the brass was protected.  When using painters tape I always use FrogTape.  I’ve tried just about every brand of tape out there and in my opinion this one has the best seal and gives the best results.

2014-04-07_brass_planter (1)

2014-04-07_brass_planter (2)

2014-04-07_brass_planter (3)

I let the inside of the planter dry for a good hour before moving on to the next step.  I used more painters tape to make a couple of different sized stripes that wrapped the entire way around the planter.  For the thinner stripe I had to measure and cut from the thicker piece of tape since I didn’t have any tape that thin.  I tried to get the lines as straight as possible by just eyeballing it.  I picked a black spray paint (in a semi gloss finish) for the stripes because I thought would look really good against the brass.

2014-04-07_brass_planter (4)

2014-04-07_brass_planter (5)

After I had everything all taped, I first applied one coat of self-etching primer just to be sure that the paint would stick.  Then I did 3 nice thin, even coats of the black spray paint.  You always want to make sure to do thin coats of spray paint (even if it means doing several coats for good coverage) rather than one super thick coat so that you don’t get drips and runs in the paint.  When I was done applying the last layer of spray paint I started removing the tape.  I like to remove tape right after I’m done painting (even if the paint is still a little wet or tacky) so that the tape comes of nice and clean.  Sometimes if you wait too long the tape will pull parts of the paint off with it.

2014-04-07_brass_planter (6)

Pulling off the tape revealed nice clean black stripes.  I love the way it looks against the brass!  I decided to fill the planter with a variety of succulents and cacti.  They are super easy to care for.  They only need to be watered every once in awhile (in fact, over watering will kill them), so if you forget they are usually just fine.

2014-04-07_brass_planter (7)

2014-04-07_brass_planter (8)b

I have to say I’m pretty darn happy with how this turned out!  The little cacti are my favorites.  It isn’t perfect of course as you can still see some scratches, but the stripes really help to distract from that and also give it some personality.

2014-04-07_brass_planter (9)a

2014-04-07_brass_planter (11)

2014-04-07_brass_planter (10)b

2014-04-07_brass_planter (10)c

2014-04-07_brass_planter (10)d

2014-04-07_brass_planter (12)

I think it will be a nice little addition to my house.  I may even move it outside to the deck when the weather warms up more.

Anyone else work on a fun project this weekend?

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4 Responses

  1. Leslie @ Oh, the Fun of It

    This is a great idea! I love the notion of the cactus/succulent theme!


    • Joanna @ TheNestbook.com

      Hi Leslie, thanks for stopping by! I love the two together as well, it just seemed natural to pair them together!

  2. looks great joanna! i have many many brass finds from thrift stores, ill have to see if any could be spruced up with paint:)

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