How to Extend Your Garden Season

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We got a ton of yard work done this past weekend.  All of the dead things that were lingering in the yard have been pulled out or trimmed down for the new growth to have room.  Not to mention the weed pulling that happened. Wow, our yard got rocked by giant weeds this spring.  I normally would have done a lot of this stuff last fall, but I had a baby and had zero time and motivation to do anything in the yard — seriously, it was all I could do to shower some days.  But, we had some nice weather and the little one took some long naps, so it allowed us to get some things done around here.  I kind of wanted to get all of this done now because we are getting a sprinkler system installed this week.  (Talk about a huge expense, but I can’t wait for the convenience that will come along with it!)

One of the things that got cleaned up were our raised garden beds for vegetables.  I love having a vegetable garden every summer.  It’s so nice to have fresh produce that I have grown myself right outside my backdoor. Salsa ingredients are only a step away.  :)  Each year I usually grow tomatoes, a variety of peppers, onions, and some herbs (basil, cilantro, etc.). I’d love to eventually expand my garden to include carrots and maybe some potatoes as well.  I may also plant some lettuce this year (it is a spring vegetable, so i better get on that!).

Usually, I have to wait the better part of the summer for my vegetables to really get going, but this year I am planting some of my vegetables early so that they hopefully start producing earlier too.  My method for doing this is by using a product called Wall O’ Water. My mom has been doing this for years, so I’m excited to give it a go this year too.  They are made of heavy duty plastic and encircle each plant to essentially create a miniature greenhouse around them.  They protect the plant from getting nipped by frost, which in turn allows you to plant much earlier than you normally would.

Here is the step-by-step for getting these things ready.  There are some directions on the back of the package, but my steps will differ since I took my mom’s advice in how she sets them up (she is the seasoned pro here people, can’t argue with that).  I planted tomatoes here, but I am also planning on getting some peppers done later this week or next week. These are good for any vine vegetable that are at risk to freeze.

Step 1.  Plant your plants.  The package has you plant the plant later on in the process after everything is all set up, but this is the way I did it and it worked great.  So get that plant in the ground.

2014-04-14-waterwalls (4)

Step 2.  Put a 5 gallon bucket on top of one of the plants you just put in the ground.

Step 3.  Place a Wall O’ Water around the bucket.

2014-04-14-waterwalls (5)

Step 4.  Fill each of the tubes about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up with water.  I did one on one side, then switched to do one on the opposite side, and so on and so on.  This prevented it from collapsing while getting it filled.

2014-04-14-waterwalls (6)

Step 5.  Pull the bucket out and watch as it comes together and forms a little tee-pee around your plant.

2014-04-14-waterwalls (3)

2014-04-14-waterwalls (2)

Step 6.  Repeat for all plants until done.

2014-04-14-waterwalls (7)

2014-04-14-waterwalls (8)

It is actually a pretty easy process to get these things set up, I got into a groove after I did the first one.  Some of the water within the walls will evaporate, so from time to time I will fill them back up.  Also, to water the plant itself, just gently open the top and water as usual.  I will probably only have to water once a week or so.

I am so excited to get the ball rolling on fresh homegrown veggies.  I will keep you all posted on how these things work.  If all goes well I’ll be using these every year from now on (and bonus, they’re reusable!).

Anyone else have a vegetable garden or planning one for the first time?  Has anyone else ever used this product before?

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  1. Awesome idea! I’ve never heard of this before… cool!

  2. […] one of the raised beds I have the tomatoes, which I already talked about in this post.  I am proud to update that the Wall O’ Water did it’s job and my wee little tomato […]

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