Making a Frame Wall

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Over the past few months I have been working on a frame wall.  I’ve really wanted one for a long time, but I hadn’t decided until recently how I wanted to execute it.  Not every house has a giant blank wall free of doors and windows, but it just so happens that my house actually has a few.  In the room right after you enter through the front door of our house (which is our office) there is a big old blank canvas of a wall staring right at you.  The perfect spot for a frame wall.

2014-04-16-gallerywall (1)

This wall is still a work in progress — there’s more to do for sure.  For starters, some empty frames need filling. Even so, it took several weeks to get to where it is today.  For one thing, it took awhile to decide what art pieces we wanted up there.  Then came frame hunting. Then came some more hunting for stuff to fill it in with.  Some of the frames on the wall are new, but many are thrifted.  I love buying frames from thrift stores. They are so inexpensive and unique.  And they really give our gallery wall a collected-over-time look, which is exactly what I was going for.  I’ve seen some frame walls done really well though that use all of the same type of frame, so I think that just comes down to personal preference.  For mine, I didn’t want anything to look too perfect or matchy.

2014-04-16-gallerywall (4)

2014-04-16-gallerywall (2)

2014-04-16-gallerywall (3)

This wall is definitely not done.  As I mentioned before, there are still empty frames.  Also, I’m not totally set on the placement of a few of the frames.  But I think I’m getting pretty close to where I want it.  See the square frame on the far left with the big white mat?  I did a little something to it to break up all that white and to help balance that side of the wall with the other side.  I’ll share that little DIY soon.  :)

2014-04-16-gallerywall (6)

2014-04-16-gallerywall (5)

In the meantime, I am really enjoying my little frame wall, even if it is a bit flawed.  Does anyone else have a perfectly imperfect frame wall they are crazy about?  I’d love to hear about it.

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