Lemon Shortbread

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One of the Easter treats I made this past weekend was lemon shortbread.  I have been trying to make the perfect shortbread for a long time, but it’s hard to get the ingredients just right. Well, after making this batch, I think I’ve found it!  It is not too sweet, pretty soft, and perfectly crumbly.  Yum.

2014-04-21_shortbread (4)

The great thing about shortbread is that it is only a few ingredients that you are sure to have around the house. You’ll need:

1 cup butter (2 sticks, softened)

1/2 cup sugar

2 1/2 cups flour

1 T lemon zest

Extra sugar for sprinkling

2014-04-21_shortbread (1)

Here is the easy process:

Step 1. Cream the butter and sugar.

Step 2. Mix in the lemon.

Step 3. Stir in the flour by hand about a half cup at a time.

Step 4. Transfer dough to an 8×8 baking dish (the dough will be crumbly).

Step 5. Press dough into the dish until it is evenly and smoothly patted down.  I used a spoon to get everything nice and smooth.

Step 6. Sprinkle the top with sugar.

2014-04-21_shortbread (2)

Step 5. In a pre-heated 325° oven, bake for about 30-40 minutes, or until edges and top of shortbread are lightly browned.

2014-04-21_shortbread (3)

After it is done baking, let it cool for at least 30 minutes before cutting it up into pieces — otherwise it will fall apart. :)

2014-04-21_shortbread (5)

This is such an easy and yummy treat.  And the nice thing is that if you don’t feel like lemon shortbread and just want to make it into regular shortbread, all you do is omit the lemon zest. Super easy!  Enjoy!

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  1. That shortbread would be delicious with a Nespresso cappuccino.

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