Fiddle Leaf Fig: Round Two

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Anyone who reads this is probably no stranger to the fiddle leaf fig .  They are super popular, and it seems that every blogger on the planet has an affinity for them.  I am no exception.  I love them.  I have wanted a fiddle leaf fig for a few years now, but the price tag has always been a little too steep for me.  Especially with their finicky nature, it just seemed too risky to drop a bunch of money on a plant that I wasn’t even sure I could keep alive.

2014-04-23_fiddyfig (5)

However, in recent months, these sweet fig trees have been popping up in bigger box stores at very affordable prices.  I got my first fiddle leaf fig (yes, I said first, meaning there has been more than one at this point) last fall.  It was my first trip to Home Depot after having my baby and I was so excited when I saw it sitting there.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was a mere $16 (and a mere foot tall at that), and it was the only one there.  I couldn’t believe my luck!

Fast forward about a month and it had dropped every leaf except one.  Boo.  I had researched how to care for them and thought that I was doing a good job, but I just could not keep that thing alive.  It got brown spots on the leaves so I tried more water, then I tried much less water, then I tried moving it to a new location, but nothing worked.  It had some strange infestation with gnats and I eventually had to just move it outside into the cold because they were taking over my house.  Long story short, it died.  My first attempt at the fiddle leaf fig was a big failure.  I think the gnats had something to do with it, but I also think that maybe re-potting it right after I brought it home sent me down a doom spiral as well.  My first fiddle leaf fig is nothing more than two black sticks sitting in the dirt now.  Every time I see a picture of what’s left of it I have to giggle a little.  It’s just so dead.  I blame the gnats.

2014-04-23_fiddyfig (2)

Well I don’t give up that easily.  For months I checked Home Depot for another but never found one there.  Then about 3 weeks ago I found one at Walmart of all places.  It was looking a little rough (lots of brown spots on the leaves again), but it was only $13, so I decided to give it another go.  I loaded it up and brought it home.

2014-04-23_fiddyfig (3)

I told Mike that I got another fiddle leaf fig and the conversation went like this:

Me: I finally found another fiddle leaf fig!

Mike: Oh good.  Now wait a minute, are you saying fiddle leaf fig or fiddly fig?

Me: Fiddle leaf fig. (Say it out loud both ways and see how it sounds identical!)

Mike: Ok, so it’s a fiddly fig.

Me: Wait, what?

Mike: Fiddly fig.

Me: No!  Fiddle leaf fig.

Mike: Yeah, fiddly fig.

Anyway, you can see where this went.  We finally got it straightened out and I learned that he had been thinking it was a fiddly fig for the last six months.  :)

2014-04-23_fiddyfig (1)

2014-04-23_fiddyfig (6)

So far, the new one is doing well.  Rather than planting it in the ceramic pot I have right away, I left it in it’s original container and have that sitting inside of the ceramic pot.  When I water it I put it in the kitchen sink and drench it, then I let it dry out completely before giving it any more.  I’m still moving it around to figure out where I want it to live permanently, but I have it in spots where it gets lots of indirect sunlight and it seems to like that.  Oh, and no sign of the gnats so far.

2014-04-23_fiddyfig (4)

In conclusion, I love fiddle leaf figs even if they are a little hard to take care of.  They are just the neatest and most unique looking plants.  They are popular for a reason.  I’m hoping that this one will have a better fate than the last, but even if it goes south I can’t promise that this will be the last of me and the figs.

Who else loves these precious plants?  Any tips for keeping them alive?

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4 Responses

  1. I eventually killed mine :(. But I know a lot if ikeas actually carry them. It’s probably for the best though, they are poisonous to pets!

    • What?! No way! That is such a bummer. I feel like every house plant is poisonous to pets. I’ll keep a close eye on my kitties. Hopefully it won’t be a problem since they’ve left it alone so far…

  2. Not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but Home Depot will refund your money on any plants that die within the first year, as long as you have your receipt and plant. You might want to give them a call to check with your store. I like buying from them because of this return policy, which I have unfortunately had to use a few times.

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