DIY Idea: Framing Cute Cards and Jazzing Up the Frame Mat

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You know sometimes when you get a card that is just so cute you want to keep it on display forever?  This happens to me on occasion and usually what I end up doing with them is framing them and making them into a sweet little piece of art.  That was the case with this card my hubby got me for Valentine’s Day.  I have a thing for birds, so I loved that it was lovebirds, but I also really liked the colors and design of this card.

2014-04-25_frame (3)

When I posted about our frame wall a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I did a little something to the square frame that I put my card art in.  I had picked up a new roll of washi tape a few weeks ago and was itching to use it on something and I figured this was the perfect time.  The funny thing about washi tape is that you see it in the store and you want to buy a million rolls with different colors and patterns, but then you have to actually find something to use it on!

All I did here was put some strips of the tape in a grid-like pattern on the mat.  I didn’t worry too much about the strips of tape being perfectly straight or anything when getting them in place, I just tried to keep them as straight and evenly spaced as possible.

2014-04-25_frame (4)

2014-04-25_frame (6)

2014-04-25_frame (7)

This particular frame kind of cuts off some of the design so I may have to move it at some point when I find something else to go in this one.  But for now I just like that I can see it every day up on the wall.

The nice thing about using washi tape is that if I want to change it or take it off completely, it just peels right off and you can’t tell that it was ever there.  So nothing is final or permanent here.  I am really liking the pattern on pattern look with the art and the border right now though.

2014-04-25_frame (8)

Oh, I also moved the frames around on that side of the wall too.  I had mentioned that they weren’t in their final places before, but I think I’m pretty happy with where they’re at now.  That’s Bruce by the way, being as luxy as possible.  I still have some empty frames to fill, but progress is good.

2014-04-25_frame (1)

What other projects have you used washi tape for?  I’d love to hear so that I can put mine to good use!

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  1. Great idea! I use my washi tape mainly for scrap booking which probably isn’t the most creative idea but it’s cute!

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