Room Tour: Jack’s Nursery

When I started working on Jack’s room, I didn’t have a plan or a theme in mind.  I just started collecting stuff and mixing and matching.  I pretty much followed the same method that I follow in the rest of my house — I just kept my eye out for things that I thought would “go” but not necessarily “match” and I really like where his room ended up.  I think his room is my favorite room in the house (well, aside from our office that is).

2014-04-28_nursery (10)

2014-04-28_nursery (6)

We went with a nice neutral color for the walls so that it would grow with him and so that I could add bolder colors with art and accessories.  The very first thing we did in his room after painting it was get that tree wall up.  It is actually giant decals, but it looks like it’s painted on. I can’t remember exactly where I got it, but if you Google around I’m sure you’ll find it or some that are very similar.  Those giant decals can be pretty tricky to put up, especially if they are made of of several large pieces like this one was.  We found some videos on YouTube that were helpful.  But, one tip I can pass forward for anyone else wanting to give this a try is to tape up all of the pieces before actually sticking them onto the wall to get the spacing right — I was SO glad that we did this.

2014-04-28_nursery (5)

My favorite thing in his room is definitely the dresser.  It’s vintage, and I got it off of craigslist for $40.  Total steal. The top was pretty messed up so I painted that and the side panels white and oiled up the drawers to make them look new again.  This dresser is heavy and solid — they don’t make them like this anymore.

2014-04-28_nursery (9)

2014-04-28_nursery (4)

Fun fact: Jack was born on National Pirate’s Day!  :)

2014-04-28_nursery (8)

I purchased the rug at Target, and many of the accessories (like the lamp, fan, laundry basket, etc.) at Homegoods.  A note on the rug: it is so comfy.  When I was pregnant I would sometimes go lay on it after work and take a nap with the cats. :)

2014-04-28_nursery (2)

That awesome sheep mobile was an Amazon find.  It’s really neat because it’s so lightweight that it’s always kind of moving around on it’s own.  Jack loves it.

2014-04-28_nursery (7)

The cardboard deer head is from Uncommon Goods.  We decided that the cardboard color was too blah for this room and so we spray painted it navy and added a polka dot ribbon for a neck tie to jazz him up a little.

2014-04-28_nursery (3)

I want to eventually find a couple of cute little chairs to go with the play table in there.  Some retro schoolhouse chairs would be cute.

2014-04-28_nursery (12)

I found that cute little Otomi pillow on Etsy.  I’ve already raved about pillow finds on Etsy in this post.  Seriously some great one-of-a-kind finds on there!

A few more photos for your viewing pleasure:

2014-04-28_nursery (1)

2014-04-28_nursery (13)

2014-04-28_nursery (11)

So, that be Jack’s room!  I hope you like it!

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6 Responses

  1. Whoa, nice score with that dresser and great job fixing it up! I love that Otomi pillow too.

  2. I just had to come see after your comment on YHL and boy am I glad I did. Jack’s nursery is awesome! Nice job on mixing so many different items/ colors together. Such a wonderful space that can evolve as Jack grows up. Off to check out the rest of your blog.

  3. Looks great! Where did you get that little play table from? I’m looking for one now for my 1 year old.

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