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TGIF.  That’s all I have to say.  It’s link time.

A blast from the past.  Check out this 1941 modern aesthetic home.  Turns out it’s not terribly different from today’s modern aesthetic.

It’s springtime and with it comes a plethora of floral prints.  I wouldn’t mind having any of these edgy florals around my house.

This architectural landmark is pretty awesome.  It is truly one of a kind.  I love that they have only replaced things out of necessity and have preserved the rest.

I cannot stay away from these caramels.  They are SO good.  And bonus, they are gluten and GMO free.

And the sweetest thing ever.  I totally get it.  :)

We are on staycation next week and I can’t wait to just relax and get some stuff done around here.  I hope you have a lovely weekend!  Any fun plans?

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  1. I want that puppy so bad I could die!

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