Plans for the Back Deck

It’s staycation week for us and of course it’s already flying by.  One of the things I really want to get started this week is cleaning up our back deck.  We just had the deck put in last spring and we love it, but it could use a little work. Between the sun in the morning and afternoon, and water beating on it from sprinklers, the finish on it is looking pretty tore up.  We shouldn’t have the same issue with the water hitting it constantly this year since we have a sprinkler system now, so I’m hoping the stain lasts longer than one season this time around.  Another thing we really want to do is to eventually add a pergola — that obviously isn’t going to happen this week, but hopefully in the near future.

Here are some photos of what the deck looks like now.  You can see that the stain is coming off in many spots.

2014-05-06_deck (2)

2014-05-06_deck (1)

2014-05-06_deck (4)

2014-05-06_deck (3)

So, the plan for this phase is to refinish the stain on the deck itself, and then aside from that I think everything on the deck needs some good old paint rehab.  I’m going to try spray painting the seat cushions on the lounge chairs since they are super faded from last year.  I figure if it doesn’t work out there’s really no harm done because I was probably going to buy new ones anyway.  I’m also going to give that wicker chair a good paint job.  Other than that, this deck needs some fun and colorful accessories (outdoor friendly of course!) to make it more aesthetically pleasing.  I’m thinking lots of flowers and pots here.  I would also love to have a little workbench or something like that to do outdoor tasks on.  And something has to be done about the outdoor lighting situation.  We like the fixture that is there only because it gives off so much light… but it is just not pretty.  Maybe a DIY cover for it would work? Hmm… I’m going to have to think on that one.

I can’t wait to check some of this stuff off of my to do list.  Anyone else doing any deck/patio clean up?  What are your plans?

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