Layering Rugs Over Carpet (And a Few Living Room Updates)

I am a huge fan of layering rugs over carpet.  Especially when, as is the case with us, you don’t really love the carpet you are covering up.  I’ll go ahead and put it out there that I hate the carpet in our house (and I don’t really care for the tile floors either for that matter).  One day I’d like to replace both with beautiful hardwood floors.  BUT, that is most certainly not in our budget right now.  So a quick and easy fix (and pretty inexpensive when considering the size) is to layer a nice big area rug over the existing carpet.  I mean really, we layer rugs on top of hard surface flooring all of the time, so why not carpet?

2014-04-13_rugs (5)

2014-04-13_rugs (4)

2014-04-13_rugs (7)

This area rug is one of the newest members of our family.  :)  Isn’t the pattern on it so pretty?! I ordered this beauty from Rugs USA.  They have sales very frequently (and free shipping!), so if you just keep an eye on something you want and wait, you’ll probably be in luck with a sale in no time at all.  I got this rug for 60% off, which made it an awesome deal.  Especially for the size. Also, I have to say that I am pretty impressed with the quality too. It is nice and soft, and I know a certain baby who loves to scoot around and play on it.  :)

Layering an area rug on our existing carpet in this room was key.  We use this room a lot and the original carpet is a very light white/cream color, so there are constantly spots that need cleaned just from regular use.  The pattern on this rug is sort of faded (I love this faded look) and you won’t be able to tell if there are spots or imperfections on it as well.  There have already been a few spots to treat on it too and it cleans up very nicely.

Even if I didn’t hate the carpet in my house, I still like the look of a rug layered on carpet.  I think it looks fresh and breaks up a sea just plan carpet in the middle of a room.  And they are so easy to change out when you get sick of one and want to move on to another option.  I have rugs over the carpet in other rooms in my house too.

2014-04-13_rugs (2)


2014-04-13_rugs (6)

Another newbie around these parts is that black crushed velvet tufted ottoman.  It’s so cushy and it’s the perfect height for our couch.  I love the brown legs with the black velvet.  The colorful capiz tray on top was a TJ Maxx/Homegoods find, and the little box was as well (it was a birthday gift, thanks Mom!).

2014-04-13_rugs (8)

2014-04-13_rugs (1)

2014-04-13_rugs (5)

Isn’t it funny how just a few little updates can make you feel like the whole room is fresh and new?  What’s your take on layering rugs over carpet, is it a “do” or a “don’t” in your book?

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  1. I say it’s totally a DO! We have Berber carpet in our bedrooms and I have rugs in each room. Makes a huge difference! Your rug is beautiful. Rugs USA is the best!

  2. very beautiful set and your rugs and every things are making another color

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