Adding Some Curb Appeal

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Let’s just take a little trip outside today to my front yard.  We recently just added new bark to the whole yard, and this year we went with this black mulch from Lowe’s.  We got it on sale a couple of weeks ago, but it looks like it’s on sale again, so hurry your buns up and get some! We like to re-bark all of our flower beds every year, and it makes a huge difference every time.

This is what the beds looked like before:

2014-05-21_yard (2)

2014-05-21_yard (4)

Looks pretty dead and dull.

And this is what they look like now:

2014-05-21_yard (9)

2014-05-21_yard (1)

So much better.  Oh, and Bruce totally approves.

2014-05-21_yard (8)

We also just recently added a front step to our house.  It didn’t have one before.  So weird, right?  It just looked so unfinished before.  I think this new step has upped our curb appeal by a lot.

Here is the front with no step:

2014-05-21_yard (7)

And here it is with the step:

2014-05-21_yard (10)

So much better, right?  There is still work to be done out here.  Don’t mind that stripe of white paint where the old rain gutter used to be… We clearly need to re-paint the outside of the house.  It’s on the list.  I’m also going to pick up a new doorbell and add a nice, big flower pot to the step.

What updates have you been doing outside?

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  1. the garden beds look so clean! we used this dark mulch last year, but we have yet to mulch again this year. what is that plant with the pink flowers? so pretty. i see you have some peonys too. the step would look perfect with a huge pot. check homegoods:)

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