My Vegetable Garden (and a Wall O’ Water Update)

It’s been really nice outside and we’ve been doing our best to squeeze in some time out there whenever Jack will let us.  Yesterday I did some work on my raised vegetable garden beds.  I have two raised beds dedicated for vegetables right now, and at some point in the future I may add a third.  I like to grow enough to last us most of the year after garden season is over. We just ran out of tomato sauce that I made from last year’s tomatoes, so perfect timing.

2014-05-23_gardenbox (8)

In one of the raised beds I have the tomatoes, which I already talked about in this post.  I am proud to update that the Wall O’ Water did it’s job and my wee little tomato plants are at least 2 feet high now with plenty of little blooms! I figured it was time to remove the walls because I don’t think (fingers crossed) that it’s going to freeze anymore, and also the tomato plants were popping out of the tops.  I’m hoping for tomatoes very soon.  If I had just planted the tomatoes now, I think I would be about six weeks out from seeing the first one.  So I’m pleased that I have a pretty darn good head start on these plants.

2014-05-23_gardenbox (3)

2014-05-23_gardenbox (4)

Don’t they look funny peeking out over the tops of the walls?  Here is a before and after of the plants:

2014-05-23_gardenbox (2)

After taking the walls off I put cages on the plants immediately because they are used to being supported and just flop right over (you want cages on anyway for when they get huge).

2014-05-23_gardenbox (10)


Moving along to my other raised bed.  In this one I’m going to have a variety of peppers (bell, banana, and pimento), onions (both purple and yellow), and herbs (basil, chives, parsley, and maybe one more).  I don’t have everything planted in here yet, but this is a good start.  I’m hoping to get the rest planted this weekend.

2014-05-23_gardenbox (6)

2014-05-23_gardenbox (7)

2014-05-23_gardenbox (8)

So that’s my little vegetable garden for this year.  What about you?  Do you have one?  What do you grow in yours?

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