The Laundry Room Door Goes Navy (After Some DIY Trials)

Happy Monday all!  For the last two weekends we’ve been working on and off on painting the door in our laundry room that leads out to our garage.  It’s kind of funny how a pretty small project like this took us 2.5 years of living here to actually tackle.  Here is a shot of how our laundry room and the door looked before we painted it:

2014-06-02_lrdoor (2)

2014-06-02_lrdoor (3)

For the most part this room has been pretty untouched the entire time we’ve lived here.  Back when we moved in we painted it, added new baseboards, and did some other updates (like added the cabinets and the utility sink). But we really haven’t done anything since then except for purchase a new washer and dryer.

That door doesn’t look as terrible in these photos as it did in real life.  It was supposed to be white, but was discolored to the point of looking yellow and had other stains on it as well.

First, we just sprayed grey primer on the door since it’s metal and we wanted to make sure the paint would stick well.

2014-06-02_lrdoor (6)

I have been pretty set on a deep glossy navy color for the door for awhile now.  So, I got a quart of Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray color matched at Home Depot in a high gloss finish.  Then we busted out our critter sprayer.  This little sprayer is great.  It is so easy to use and very easy to clean up.  The spraying commenced.

2014-06-02_lrdoor (7)

2014-06-02_lrdoor (8)

Here is where things went wrong and why it took us two weekends to finish this should-have-been-easy-project. While the critter sprayer is great for spraying smaller items, it was the wrong thing to use on this door.  The sprayer aerated the paint WAY too much for this type of job and the paint came out rough and definitely NOT high gloss. No good.  Bummer.  But this is what I’m here for, to tell you the good and the bad so you can learn from our mistakes.  :)

After we got over being bummed out about this option not working, we dragged the door back into the garage and decided to go the slow route and hand brush the paint on.  After getting the first coat brushed on we knew this was the way to go.  The result was pretty and glossy, just how we wanted it.  HOWEVER.  The paint color was not the deep moody navy that I thought it was going to be.

2014-06-02_lrdoor (9)

So, I packed up Jack and we headed back to Home Depot.  If at first you don’t succeed… Right? This time I got Benjamin Moore’s Polo Blue color matched (one shade darker on the same swatch).  After brushing on one coat over the last one I knew this was the right choice. Deeper, darker, more what I was thinking for this door.

2014-06-02_lrdoor (10)

2014-06-02_lrdoor (11)

The thing about brushing paint on is that you will get some brush marks.  But I actually don’t mind the brush marks. It makes it look real and gives it some texture with all of that pretty glossiness.  I ended up brushing on 4 coats of paint on each side of the door.  A little tip: after painting the door on one side and letting in dry, hang it back up and paint the other side while it is hanging, that way your freshly painted side won’t get scuffed up when you flip it over.

So there is a little tale about how things are not perfect with DIY and definitely go wrong all. of. the. time.  But, with some perseverance this little (turned big) project came out exactly how I wanted it.  And now we have a pretty navy door in there.  I think it’s a huge improvement in the room already.

2014-06-02_lrdoor (12)

2014-06-02_lrdoor (1)

Stay tuned, I have lots more updates coming up in this laundry room!  One of them involves a unique wallpaper DIY that I think is going to look awesome in there!  Since Jack’s arrival I spend a lot more time in this room so it feels good to actually start doing something to make it less boring in here.  :)  What have you guys done to make your laundry room/area a little easier on the eye?

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