Dressing Up an Old Plant Stand


I picked up this old dirty plant stand at a used furniture shop a couple of weeks ago. I really liked the solidness of it (it’s heavy!) and I liked the lines a lot, but there were quite a few imperfections and the old wood finish on it was tired and just plain ugly.  Note: Bruce is an expert at photo bombing a good majority of the pictures we take.


I knew paint could cover up those imperfections and make this thing look brand new again.  I love little projects like this because you can get them done in a day and they are super inexpensive — all I had to buy for this one was a test pot of paint at Home Depot which ran me about $3 (I buy the little test pots all of the time for projects like this).

Here’s how I did it:

First I gave it a really good power wash outside with the hose.  This thing was diiiiirrrty.  I did it in the middle of the day so that the hot sun could dry it out after I was done.


Then I sprayed on a coat of primer just to make sure that the paint would grip to it.


After the primer dried I brushed on about four coats of paint.  I could have actually done another coat or two, but I sort of liked how in you can sort of see some of the striations of the wood under the color (you can see this is the pics below).


We decided to do a color that was a little less safe and a little more fun for this stand (Mike actually picked this color).  The color is more true to how it shows up inside of the house rather than out here with the sun shining on it.The color we went with was Red Tulip by Benjamin Moore.  It sort of reminds me of a neon salmon color.  It has orange and pink undertones and I really, really like it.



Sometimes a risky choice like this ends up paying off.   It helps that I definitely don’t shy away from decorating my home with bold colors.  I figured we had nothing to lose since we could just paint over it if we hated it.  And the nice thing is that when we get sick of this color that’s exactly what we’ll do!  The stand is currently living in a corner of our kitchen — it’s the perfect spot for it.




Ahh, the power of paint!  It can fix anything!

What have you guys been painting lately?  Have you been making any riskier choices with your paint colors?

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  1. love the bold color you chose. and that orchid wow! i spray paint things all the time just for that immediate satisfaction. most recently I spruced up some hurricane candle thingys. i also have a stack of picture frames waiting for a spray:)

  2. Great color – it looks perfect with the turquoise pot! And I love that you have a (very handsome) cat named Bruce :)

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