How to Get the Smoothest Finish with Paint

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It’s Friday, and I have an incredibly busy weekend ahead of me.  I am finishing up our laundry room makeover, and painting/refinishing A LOT of furniture for my cousin’s house.  I mentioned earlier this week that I am helping her style and decorate a couple of rooms in her house and there is no shortage of work to be done!

One of the projects I worked on this week was getting some moulding for the laundry room painted.

I always use the pre-primed moulding from Home Depot for my projects.  Here are the boards before:


And this is what they look like now:


Whenever I paint moulding or cabinets I want as few brush marks as I can get.  In order to get the smoothest finish I use a product called Floetrol — it’s a self-leveling paint conditioner for latex paint (but I think they make one for oil-based paint too). It is really so easy to use.  I just put the paint I’m going to use in a container and pour a little bit of the conditioner in and mix it up.  Then I just brush the paint on as usual.


The only thing to remember is that when you use this stuff it does thin out the paint a little to make it easier to apply, so you may need to do an extra coat to make sure you have good coverage.

I applied three coats of black paint to this boards.  When you use the conditioner, it helps the paint just glide onto the surface, and this makes for a really quick job.

Here is the first coat:


The second coat:


And final coat:


As you can see, when the paint dries it completely levels out and you are left with a smooth surface free of any brush (or roller) marks.  It gives latex the self-leveling property that oil-based paint has.  I love this product.  It works really well when painting furniture too.

Now I’m excited to get these boards cut and installed in the laundry room and get that room done!

Have any of you guys ever used Floetrol or a different paint conditioner?  What do you think?

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