Re-Sealed Concrete Counters

So in the midst of my super busy weekend, I decided that now was the time to re-seal my concrete counters in the kitchen.  I’m crazy like that.  :)  After we put the concrete counters in I figured that a re-seal around every six months would be sufficient and since it had been right around that time I decided to just go for it.

2014-06-24_countertop_reseal (17)

I really like the combination of sealers that we used the first time around so I decided to stick with what worked. You can read all about the sealer and the concrete counters here.  For the re-seal, I just brushed on a couple more coats of the top sealer.  There were a couple of spots where the top coat had worn away, so I knew it was time. You can see the little round spots that I’m talking about in this photo — it is where the sealer had worn away and raw concrete was exposed.

2014-06-24_countertop_reseal (4)

We use our kitchen a ton though, and I have to say that I am really happy with not only the counters and their durability, but also the sealer.  And aside from a few little spots like these, the counters have worn extremely well. We are six months in and have had no major issues.

I just cleared off the counters completely and gave them a good wipe down (I also took this opportunity to deep clean the kitchen since everything was cleared out of the way — fun, fun!).

2014-06-24_countertop_reseal (2)

Then I busted out the sealer and got to work on the first coat (I did a total of two coats this time around).

2014-06-24_countertop_reseal (7)

2014-06-24_countertop_reseal (8)

The worst part about doing things like this is that you lose your kitchen for a bit and you have to live with your house looking like this:

2014-06-24_countertop_reseal (6)

It drives me crazy even looking at that photo.  Ha!  But in this case it was only for about 24 hours while the sealer dried, so not too bad.

After I was done with the two coats we were left with SUPER glossy concrete counters again. Maybe even glossier than the first time around.  They look so good and have a glass-like surface now.  You can see your reflection in them!

2014-06-24_countertop_reseal (1)

2014-06-24_countertop_reseal (14)

2014-06-24_countertop_reseal (9)

 2014-06-24_countertop_reseal (11)

2014-06-24_countertop_reseal (12)

 2014-06-24_countertop_reseal (13)

Ah, so pretty.  I was probably the happiest to get the kitchen back together though — I hate it when things are out of order for too long (you should see our garage right now…disaster zone).

My love for the concrete counters is completely renewed!  Best thing we ever did in this kitchen.  Have any of you tried them yet?

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