Recovered Vintage Footstool

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A couple of weeks ago I picked up the cutest little footstool at the thrift store.  It was only $5, which was a total score. Although I loved the vintage fabric that was already on it, I felt it was too faded and worn out to use.  It was a bummer, but I had the perfect fabric already on hand to use on it.  I also wanted to add some high density foam on top of the existing cushion since it was pretty worn and deflated.

2014-06-27_footstool (2)

2014-06-27_footstool (4)

Recovering these types of things is pretty simple and straightforward.  I removed the legs and laid the foam and batting in place to attach to the existing cushion.

2014-06-27_footstool (5)

2014-06-27_footstool (3)

2014-06-27_footstool (6)

Then I got out my staple gun and stapled the batting in place.

2014-06-27_footstool (7)

Next, I cut the fabric to the right size and stapled that over the batting, pulling fairly tight.  I wanted the corners here to sort of have some pleats so I didn’t pull as tight as I would if I were recovering a chair seat.

2014-06-27_footstool (8)

Since I had a ton of staples that were visible on the bottom side, I just took another scrap piece of the fabric and attached that to the bottom.  It made for a nicer and cleaner look and it covered most of the visible staples on the bottom.

After we re-attached the the legs it was ready for use.  It is much cushier now with the added foam and I love the fabric with those awesome vintage metal legs.  It was meant to be.

2014-06-27_footstool (1)

2014-06-27_footstool (11)

2014-06-27_footstool (10)

This weekend I’m planning on getting some more of the laundry room finished (the project that never ends).  So check back for updates on that!

What projects do you have going on this weekend?  Have you been recovering anything lately?

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  1. i recovered an old footstool with a flokati rug and it turned out so cool. Love your fabric! it looks like a turkish rug! so cool.

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