In Progress: A Bedroom Makeover

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I’ve mentioned a couple of times now that I’ve been busy helping my cousin with a couple of rooms in her house.  I have been working really hard on this for the past couple of weeks now and I have made a ton of progress.  I just wanted to share a few “in progress” photos of some of the furniture that will be going in her bedroom.

Here are a few before shots:

2014-07-02_endtables (2)

2014-07-02_endtables (1)


A few “in progress” shots:

2014-07-02_endtables (3)

2014-07-02_dresser (4)

2014-07-02_dresser (2)

2014-07-02_dresser (6)

2014-07-02_dresser (8)

And a few shots of where we’re at now:

2014-07-02_endtables (9)

2014-07-02_endtables (8)

2014-07-02_endtables (11)

2014-07-02_dresser (18)

2014-07-02_dresser (14)

2014-07-02_dresser (11)

I’m really excited about this room.  It has been a lot of work, but I think when it is all finished and put together it is going to look so good! :)

She is going out of town this weekend and I plan to sneak into her house to get everything all set up and styled. It will be a surprise homecoming for her!  I’ll be sharing photos of the finished room on here next week, so stay tuned!

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3 Responses

  1. Love the color you chose for the dresser! How were you able to sand in the grooves? Usually I just hand-sand it but was curious if you had any shortcuts/tips.

    • Hi Laura!

      No sanding necessary!! When painting over varnished wood all you need to do is apply an oil based primer to give the paint something to stick to and to avoid any bleed through. I love the stuff. I use it on everything! I have a post coming up very soon with some furniture painting tips. :)



      • Ahhhhh – that makes perfect sense (and sounds a lot easier than sanding). Thanks for the tip, looking forward to seeing your post about it!

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