DIY Pompom Garland

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I have fun little DIY project to share today.  And it involves pompoms.  Can’t really get more fun than that.  :)

I shared Jack’s room awhile back and while looking at the photos I kept noticing how boring the window looked.  I am not usually huge on curtains or drapes (although they can look great in the right setting), so I wanted to come up with an alternative idea to dress up the window.

I took a trip to Michael’s and picked up three strands of green and blue pompom strands and also a bag of slightly larger multicolored pompoms.

2014-07-04_garland (8)

First, I sewed the green and blue strands together using just a needle and thread.  Then I just attached the larger pompoms onto that strand the same way.  There was really no science behind the spacing, I just sort of placed them next to the strand before I sewed them on to come up with a plan.

2014-07-04_garland (11)

2014-07-04_garland (1)

2014-07-04_garland (13)

I worked on this project for at least a couple of weeks.  Not because it was hard (it was extremely easy!), but just because I always have about a million other things going on and a very busy little boy to tend to.  I just slowly chipped away at it, one pompom at a time.

2014-07-04_garland (6)

2014-07-04_garland (16)

2014-07-04_garland (18)

 2014-07-04_garland (2)

I really love the pop of color it adds to the room, and it certainly makes the window a lot less boring.  Jack loves it too.  He tries to eat it every chance he gets!  :)

I kind of want to add some pompom fringe to a pillow now…  Any other pompom fans out there?

P.S. I finished up my cousin’s bedroom makeover this weekend and it turned out even better than I had hoped (and it’s chock full of DIY projects).  So stay tuned for the rundown this week!

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