Bedroom Makeover Project: Final Reveal!

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It’s done!  Whew!  I’ve spent the last few weeks working diligently on making over my cousin’s bedroom.  I did lots of thrifting and had lots of DIY projects planned for the space, and I spent basically all of last weekend wrapping them all up and getting everything put together in her room.  I posted a sneak peek of the in progress shots of some of the furniture here.

(Warning — this is a picture heavy post!)

I pretty much started with a blank slate on this one.  She really didn’t have any furniture besides a bed and an oversized chair in her room.  Let’s take a peek at what the room looked like before I got my hands on it, shall we?

2014-07-10_before (2)

2014-07-10_before (1)

Womp womp.  Right?  This was no place for a working mama to take a load off at the end of a crazy day!

When she asked me to help her out with the space she pretty much gave me free reign over the design.  I poked around a little with her and figured out colors she liked and got a general sense of what direction I should head.  It was so rewarding to see the space come together after so much hard work.

This is what the room is looking like these days:

2014-07-10_after (8)

2014-07-10_after (7)

2014-07-10_after (29)

2014-07-10_after (10)

2014-07-10_after (9)

Like I mentioned above, this room makeover is chock full of DIYs.  The nightstands, dresser, and lamps were all painted.  The ottoman was recovered.  The mirror was framed out (and painted).  The headboard was handmade. Just to name a few.  :)

The headboard turned out awesome! And it looks perfect with the white enamel nightstands, the (ever popular) IKEA Maskros light, and those curvy lamps.


The vintage Kilim pillow was an eBay find.  There are so many on eBay to choose from — it was really hard to narrow it down!

2014-07-10_after (17)

2014-07-10_after (18)


I think my favorite thing in the whole room is the dresser.  I really love the color.  It’s Galapagos Turquoise by Benjamin Moore, and it’s fabulous.  I originally was reluctant to use the original hardware on the dresser, but after it was all painted out I held a piece up against it and it looked perfect.  I’m SO glad I didn’t get new hardware or paint the original hardware a different color.  It’s sort of an antiqued brass color and it looks like it was meant to be with the new dresser color.

2014-07-10_after (4)

2014-07-10_after (3)

2014-07-10_after (6)

The accessories in the room were all either thrifted or previously owned by my cousin (oh, and a couple were from Homegoods).  Isn’t it amazing how old, tired items can look fresh and new it a different setting?

2014-07-10_after (2)

I love this little corner.  The perfect spot to read a book or put your feet up and watch a little TV.  I love the new fabric on the ottoman.  It plays perfectly with everything else in the room.  The best part about the room as a whole is that nothing is matchy matchy, but everything goes together.

2014-07-10_after (24)

2014-07-10_after (25)

I found the adorable Henredon chair in this corner at a thrift store for only $13!  It was a total score.

2014-07-10_after (17)

The turquoise bench under the window was from Target. So was the coral pillow.  I love those two colors together.

2014-07-10_after (29)

2014-07-10_after (28)

2014-07-10_after (9)

And the rug (which I love and want one now!) was from Rugs USA.

Oh, and I made sure to take some photos with the lights on.  I love the shadows that the Maskros light casts on the walls and ceiling.

2014-07-10_after (14)

2014-07-10_after (15)

2014-07-10_after (13)

I am so so happy with how it all turned out (and I’m pretty sure she is too!). Thank you to everyone who helped me get this all together last weekend (you know who you are!).

Ok, so if you made it this far through this giant post I have some good posts coming up on the DIYs in this room, including one on furniture painting tips and tricks.

It looks much better with some personality now, right?  Have you guys done any complete room makeovers lately? They sure are a lot of work, but so worth the end result!

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  1. About how much do you think it cost to do this makeover?

    • The makeover for this bedroom (minus the bed and rug) rang in at around $550, that’s including all supplies. Not too shabby for a bedroom that needed EVERYTHING!

  2. looks great joanna! especially love the headboard and mint mirror! im working on my master bedroom now. Paint went up today and chandelier tomorrow….still some shopping left to do…it will take me much longer than this make-over you did! im slow. again great job!

  3. Looks lovely Joanna. The dresser and the mirror are my favorite pieces. Nice work.

  4. Mirentxu

    I LOVE my new room! Thank you, Joanna!

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