DIY Headboard (and How to Mount It)

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Ever since I started working on my cousin’s bedroom update I have had bedrooms on the brain.  So naturally I moved onto our bedroom next.  Our bedroom has been just fine, but it’s always just sort of felt like everything was just thrown in there to me.  Everything in the room was stuff that we owned in our last house; there was nothing in there (at least furniture wise) that was new to this house.  So the biggest update in there is that I decided to make a new headboard.

2014-07-24---headboard_after (14)

2014-07-24---headboard_after (11)

For our bedroom, I wanted something that was a little lower and more modern than our last headboard, and something with nice clean lines.  The good news about all of those requirements is that it makes the making of the headboard pretty darn simple and straightforward.  The toughest part by far was figuring out the mounting brackets on the back. Here is what our bedroom looked like before:

2014-07-24---headboard_before (2)

See, not bad or anything.  It has some good stuff in it.  But after a few simple updates I really love it now.

Onto the headboard making process.  We had a piece of plywood cut at Home Depot to be 26″ high.  (Just for reference our last headboard was about 31″ high — so this one is about 5″ lower).  And about 6″ of that height goes behind the mattress, so really the height of the headboard from the top of the mattress is only 20″.  We were able to score a piece of plywood that had an imperfection (there’s a crack on the backside, but we knew it wouldn’t matter for our purposes) for 70% off, so the entire piece of wood was only about $6.  And we’ve already used almost all of the rest of it for other projects.  So, score.

Before doing anything to make it pretty, Mike took the piece of wood to the garage and made some mounting brackets.  He first marked out on the back of the wood where the studs would match up from where it would be placed on the wall so that he knew where to mount the brackets to the actual headboard (that’s why the brackets aren’t evenly placed on the back).  We looked online and they do sell some mounting kits, but we couldn’t find one when we went to Home Depot so we decided to improvise and make our own (this is DIY baby!).  We grabbed 4 of these T Straps and some carriage bolts.  Then Mike just used a vice grip and a hammer to bend them so that they would fit into one another (see photos below).  After that he just bolted them onto the piece of wood and put some scrap pieces of wood on the bottom as spacers so that it would sit level with the wall and not move if we leaned on it.  Allow these photos to tell you the story of how to do this:

2014-07-24---bracket (0)

2014-07-24---bracket (1)

2014-07-24---bracket (2)

2014-07-24---bracket (3)

2014-07-24---bracket (4)

After all of the hardware was mounted on the piece of plywood, I brought it inside.  I purchased a piece of 3″ thick high density foam from Joann.  When I got it home I had to cut it down to size to fit the exact dimensions of the wood.  I left about 6″ of bare wood at the bottom though so that the mattress could slide right under the foam part but so that the headboard wouldn’t just sit on top of the mattress and end right there.  (Side note: After I already made and hung the headboard I was trolling the aisles at Home Depot and found out that they sell big pieces of 3″ foam there that you can cut to your exact size at home.  They are in the same area as the shelves and window blinds at my store.  And bonus — it is only $20 (!!!!) for the entire piece.  My piece was about $48 at Joann with a 40% off coupon.  So yeah, I was totally kicking myself for not figuring out that one sooner!  You live and you learn.)

2014-07-24---headboard_during (2)

2014-07-24---headboard_during (4)

I attached the foam with some spray adhesive.  Then I covered it with a layer of batting.  I just got regular batting (not hi loft) for this project because I wanted the straight lines of the rectangular shape to be obvious.  And the foam is cushy so it is already very comfortable.

2014-07-24---headboard_during (3)

2014-07-24---headboard_during (5)

After it was covered in a layer of batting, I moved on to covering it with the fabric.  I found this awesome yellow fabric at Home Fabrics.  Notice how I stapled at the bottom of the foam too to keep the fabric and batting in place? I stapled as close to the foam as I could get and the mattress covers the rest.  You can’t see any staples at all.

2014-07-24---headboard_during (7)

2014-07-24---headboard_during (1)

After I was done making the headboard we hung it up using the mounting brackets that Mike made.  Worked like a charm.

2014-07-24---headboard_after (7)

2014-07-24---headboard_after (9)

2014-07-24---headboard_after (10)

2014-07-24---headboard_after (5)

I also updated a few other things in the bedroom.  I got a new duvet cover and throw pillow at Homegoods, and some new lamps at Target.  I scored that huge piece of art above the bed at a thrift store for only $10!  And the butterfly print is by an artist friend of mine, Kyler Martz.  His work is amazing and I have several pieces of his throughout my house.  We also moved around a few things to make it more functional.

2014-07-24---headboard_after (15)

I am loving my bedroom now.  What about you guys?  Any bedroom updates going on out there?

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  1. So pretty Joanna! way to decide on fabic and just do it!! my plan for the last 2 years was to diy a tufted headboard. I even have the gray velvet fabric. I waited so long and then changed my colors/ideas and now Im in limbo again. I just bought a bed on CL that needs recovering but I dont think I can do it myself….a whole fiasco ill be blogging about sooner or later:)
    anyway, love your new bedroom and ill have to check my HG for that bedding. so pretty!

    • Thanks Cindy! That gray velvet fabric sounds amazing… maybe you can use it for something else? I’ll be sure to stay tuned for your post about the bed fiasco. :)

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