Wallpaper in the Laundry Room

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Several weeks ago I shared a sneak peek of us wallpapering our laundry room.  Well, I finally got around to taking photos of it. ;)  Here is my new laundry room wall:

2014-08-05_laundryroom (11)

Instead of being all traditional and wallpapering the entire wall, I decided to get creative and make it into a huge framed feature, almost like a giant piece of art.  It takes up almost the entire wall and I love love love the wallpaper I picked out. I think it fits perfectly in the room.

2014-08-05_laundrybefore (2)

2014-08-05_laundryroom (2)

Almost every wall in our house is textured so before we got around to the wallpapering part we had to figure a proper surface for the wallpaper.  We could have skim coated the entire wall to make it smooth, but instead we got some tempered hardboard from Home Depot and mounted them to the wall.  This provided a smooth surface for the wallpaper to stick to.  I don’t think that I would recommend using these exact boards if you want to do something similar because we had to sink quite a few screws into the studs to really anchor these things so that we wouldn’t have any problems with warping after the wallpaper was applied.  There are several different options for what could be used here.  Anyway, it turned out that really anchoring it was a good thing.  It turned out fabulous and I love what it adds to that formerly boring little room.

2014-08-05_laundryduring (2)

2014-08-05_laundryduring (5)

2014-08-05_laundryduring (8)

So, back to the hardboard.  After mounting them on the wall, we filled in all of the screw holes with spackle and prepped the surface for the wallpaper by applying a coat of primer.  After the primer was dry we got to hanging the wallpaper.

2014-08-05_laundryduring (9)

2014-08-05_laundryduring (1)


We also added trim (that I painted black) all the way around the wallpapered area to give it that framed in look.


2014-08-05_laundryroom (1)

I found the awesome striped hooks at Anthropologie.  We just mounted them on a piece of unstained oak that we picked up at the store.  We use them for bags, jackets, or hanging clothes while doing laundry.

2014-08-05_laundryroom (8)

2014-08-05_laundryroom (10)

2014-08-05_laundryroom (7)

2014-08-05_laundryroom (11)

2014-08-05_laundryroom (5)

I just love how this wall turned out.  I spend a lot more time than I used to in the laundry room (thanks to my little guy Jack) and I have to say that it is a much, much nicer place to be stuck in now.

This is the first time I’ve used wallpaper and I love it!  (A big thanks to my mom for helping me put it up — she’s the pro!)  Now I want to use wallpaper for a project in my master bedroom. Have you guys been wallpapering anything lately?

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  1. This turned out great! I love what it adds to the room!

  2. That looks great joanna…im trying to decide on a wallpaper for my small bathroom and its HARD…so many cool designs out there. yours is really pretty!

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