New Desk Chairs

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Happy Friday everyone!  Today I am sharing some chairs that I just recently finished for the desk in our home office.  This little DIY was pretty simple and straightforward and could be a fun weekend project.

2014-08-14_office_chairs (8)

2014-08-14_office_chairs (5)

We have been searching for new chairs for weeks and weeks now.  There are a ton that we liked enough, but we haven’t found any that we have been able to pull the trigger on yet.  I think mostly because the ones we really, really like are all pretty pricey (in our opinion anyway).  So, I did what I always do.  I stalked the thrift stores around here for any options that would work in the meantime.

I ended up finding these chairs.

2014-08-14_office_chairs (11)

I really like the overall style of them and they were an awesome deal, but they were pretty beat up.  The seats were kind of falling apart and they definitely weren’t safe to sit on in their current condition.  Aside from the seats though, the chairs were very sturdy, so I knew we could find a way to make them work.

2014-08-14_office_chairs (12)

I had Mike cut two pieces of plywood to fit the seats.

2014-08-14_office_chairs (2)

I wrapped them with three layers of batting and then covered them in fabric.

2014-08-14_office_chairs (4)

2014-08-14_office_chairs (3)

Then the chairs got a couple of coats of black paint and we slid the seats in place.

2014-08-14_office_chairs (7)

I really like the way these chairs turned out.  I think they fit in the room perfectly and the price was definitely right!

2014-08-14_office_chairs (9)

2014-08-14_office_chairs (10)

2014-08-14_office_chairs (1)

What about you guys?  Any plans for a DIY fix this weekend?

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