DIY Console Table

Whew.  It’s been awhile.  Sorry for the loooong break, but life just got busy for a minute there. I’ve been spending lots of quality time with family and doing plenty of projects on the side, and just haven’t had the time to put together any posts about it.  But on the plus side, I do have lots to share!

We moved around our living room a few weeks ago (I’ll share more about that later), and we needed a new console table for the wall that leads down the hallway.  I looked high and low for one that would work in the space, but everything out there is just way too deep for this room.  Our house is not that big, so it was an important requirement that the table not stick out from the wall too much and take up valuable space.  When I came up short with my search, I decided that there would be no better way to get the perfect dimensions that to make our own. Here’s what we ended up with:

2014-09-04_console (16)

We got a piece of wood cut to the size we wanted at Home Depot and then I purchased four hairpin legs here.  I just ordered the raw steel legs with no powder-coating.  I wanted that raw metal look.

The legs come with oil on them so that they won’t rust, so to prep them we just cleaned all of the oil off and then sprayed them with a clear coat of rust inhibitor.

2014-09-04_console (2)

Here is a picture of the rag we used to get the oil off, just so you can see how oily they come.

2014-09-04_console (1)

Then, we just screwed and glued the legs to the bottom of the piece of wood.

2014-09-04_console (4)

2014-09-04_console (6)

2014-09-04_console (5)

I haven’t done anything to the wood top yet because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint it or stain it or just leave it au natural.  I think I’ve decided that I’m not going to stain it but that I’ll do a matte varnish to protect it.  I like the color of the natural wood so I’d like to keep it as close to that as possible.  And the best part is that if we get sick of the top we can just unscrew the legs and start over with something new.

2014-09-04_console (10)

Cords drive me CRAZY too, so I need to come up with a way to hide the lamp cord. But it’s fine for now.

2014-09-04_console (8)

2014-09-04_console (13)

2014-09-04_console (15)

I really, really like our new console table and I’m so glad I didn’t settle for something with unpractical dimensions that I would end up not liking anyway.

2014-09-04_console (12)

2014-09-04_console (9)

The bench below the console is a recent DIY project as well that I will share soon!

What are you guys building lately?

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  1. Love the hairpin legs! i was just on that site looking for new legs for my dining table.

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