Recovered Piano Bench

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I found this cute old piano bench at a second hand shop a couple of months ago.

2014-09-07_bench (0)

I knew I wanted to recover it, but I wasn’t sure about the type of fabric I wanted to use.  After pondering it awhile I suddenly remembered this woven leather rug that I picked up at Ross a long while ago.  I bought it because I really liked it and it was only about $7.  I didn’t have a space for it and it was actually sitting in my car ready to go back to the store.  I’m so glad I was too lazy to take that thing back because it was the perfect size for my little bench.

2014-09-07_bench (2)

I detached the seat from the base and while Mike reinforced the base to make sure it was sturdy, I worked on reupholstering the seat.

2014-09-07_bench (3)

I just pulled the leather rug really tight around the seat and stapled it into place.  It was a little hard to work with because the leather was much thicker than fabric.  I had to use longer staples too to make sure that they went through the leather and into the wood.  I did two lines of staples and staggered them for extra coverage too.

2014-09-07_bench (1)

2014-09-07_bench (5)

I cut off all of the excess from the corners and stapled them as tight as I could.

2014-09-07_bench (6)

2014-09-07_bench (7)

2014-09-07_bench (8)

After I sunk approximately one million staples into this (hey, I did not want this coming apart), we flipped it over and reattached it to the sturdier base.

2014-09-07_bench (9)

2014-09-04_console (14)

2014-09-04_console (15)

I love easy little projects like this one.  They are so satisfying because you can finish them in a day.  I feel like I’ve recovered a lot of things lately.  It’s such a simple way to make something feel new again, don’t you think?

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