Hi there! I’m Joanna. I live with my husband Mike, my baby Jack, and my two kitties Bruce and Andy in Boise, Idaho. I am a working mama who enjoys DIYing the heck out of my home, thrifting for discarded treasures, cooking and baking, and gardening. I love taking something old and giving it a second life. I have a mild throw pillow obsession (although my husband may say that it’s more serious than I’m letting on), I love fresh flowers, I can’t live without my Nespresso, and there is pretty much nothing that I think a coat of paint can’t fix. I truly believe that everyone should live in a stylish home that they love no matter what the budget.

We moved into our current house in January of 2012. When we bought the house I may have shed a few tears because of the state of utter disrepair it was in. Every last thing in the house was broken or falling apart, and every surface was grimy and disgusting. After a lot of good old fashioned elbow grease, and a lot of renovating and fixing up, I think our house is completely charming and totally us. Although we still have a TON more to do here, we feel like this is home.

IMG_0260The Nestbook is a place for me to document our DIY and home-related adventures, what I’m up to in the kitchen and the garden, as well as other tidbits of our lives. Follow along with me and my little family as we modify our home to make it more stylish and functional – all on a budget of course!